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The Model of 4D medium


The idea of the model can has been understood from the following assumptions:

  • Matter has one additional spatial dimension
  • Matter occupes some separate regions of space


4D medium - hypothetical matter. Synonyms: 4D ether,4D matter, 4D fluid

Universe   - region of space occuped by 4D matter

World    - the 3D boundary of universe

4D vortex - whirl-like structure in the bulk of universe with an outlet ( or an inlet) in the world

4D vacuum - the empty space free of matter

Light, EM waves - vibrations in the world

(3D) Matter - visual part of the world in the point of outlets of 4D vorteces


  1. Our Universe is not single in the enormous space. There are a great many of universes.
  2. Due to surface tension the universe has spherical form in average.
  3. For the emormous size of our Universe the World may be estimated as flat 3D Euclidean space.
  4. Waves on the border of Universe are seemed to us as the light and other EM waves
  5. Photon is spiral-like wave on the border of the Universe
  6. One can choose the "absolute" frame of reference biased with the center of our Universe. With respect to the other universes the movement of the Universe can be consider as the initial one.
  7. Visual matter is agglomerations of 4D vorteves
  8. Atom is the center vortex as the nucleus and the 4D spirals as electrons rotating around center.
  9. Excited atom is an atom with adsorbed photon
  10. SR, QM, gravity, optics and some other (if not all!) can be interpreted in terms of the model. 

Details see here.



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